"Why a registry?" you may ask. Well, to be completely honest, I have everything that I could possibly need! When asked what kind of gifts I would like to receive, I usually respond with "Oh I'm fine! Really! Please don't get me anything!"

I have no desire for extravagant gifts or trips whether it's for my birthday, holiday, or graduation. To be honest, I much prefer staying back at home preparing for my life after Graduate school. Which brings us back to "Why a registry?"

The types of gifts I only wish for are assistance in helping me reach my life long goals: down payment for a first house, funds for a big move to LA, enrollment in a specialized certifcation course from UCLA, and student loan settlements.

If for whatever reason this registry is not quite your cup of tea, please feel free to make a donation to some of my favorite charities!

Thank you for helping me create a better future for myself! Your gratitude and support is very much appreciated!